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Hanno Haag [Violine]  Jochen Brauer  [Saxes & Flute] Fritz Ziegler, Martin Buntrock, Luis Cardoso [Guitars] Katharina Heinius [Fagott] Deng Xiao Mei [Erhu]
Recorded at: 
TRIPLE MUSIC Studio/Mannheim
Schraubfabrik Musikpark, EFo Studio/Jungbusch
MB Studio/Dorsten  Bedroom Studio/Birkenheide.
Engineered by
Peter Seiler, Steven Seiler Martin Buntrock & Jan Kalt
Peter Seiler & Hyp Yerlikaya
Hyko Ritsma, P. Seiler u. afo J. Frey
“Rapsfelder“composed by Peter Seiler & Martin Buntrock
Special thanks to:
Joachim Költzsch
PSM 120 135
LC 03109
ISRC  DE H6121135 01(-14)

Die Titel des Albums:

  1. Rhine 420
  2. Bokeelia Sunset
  3. Waltzing Grainfields
  4. Waiting for Fall
  5. Sunday at Shimmy´s
  6. Dear Savannah
  7. Jenny’s Tune
  8. Waltzing Leaves
  9. Silent Leaves
  10. Rapsfelder
  11. Valse d´Or
  12. Nice to have met you
  13. Whispering Leaves
  14. The Longing For
Composed, arranged and produced by PETER SEILER
„Rapsfelder“ composed by Peter Seiler/Martin Buntrock
25 Jahre KlangOase | 25 Years SoundOasis Luisenpark Mannheim 1996-2021
CD  Limited Edition –  A Collector`s Item
The Album contains 4 previously unreleased compositions,
2 works from Ride To Matlacha
and the most often played titles at Soundoasis within 25 years.
“Rhine 420“ and “Waltzings Leaves“ (dedicated to Clara & Ella)
was composed and produced in 2021 (The Corona Pandemic)