SoundOasis at Luisenpark Mannheim / Germany

The Music of Tranquillity in an Oasis of Peace

Imagine for a moment you are relaxing in a beautiful park, surrounded by vibrant green leaves and grass,  rainbow flowers and bird song, and rippling water reflecting the sky . . .

now add to this the soothing, revitalising sound of music, and what you are experiencing is the “SoundOasis”, with the music of Peter Seiler providing the magic.

Specially created in 1996, the “SoundOasis” is a unique and permanent installation situated in the scenic Luisenpark in Mannheim Germany. Every year between April and October, thousands of visitors relax on the grass or in comfortable loungers provided by the park, to enjoy moments of calm and quiet away from the noise of the working day, to recharge and refresh, to gather thoughts or simply dream, while a soundscape of peaceful and energising music weaves a spell from hidden speakers in the trees and bushes.

In the heat and hum of a busy day, Peter Seiler’s “SoundOasis” is an island of musical calm.

More than 2 hours of romantic music, 24 pages CD booklet
available on double CD (2CD)

Best of SoundOasis by PETER SEILER
music for the eyes of you mind …

Since summer, 2004 a wooden sculpture „The Big Ear“ designed by the artist Rolf Hook decorates the SoundOasis.