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Peter Seiler:
Yamaha DX-7, PPG Wave Computer, Mini/Poly-Moog, Korg-Poly 61/800, Roland Vocoder, CP70 Piano, Hohner Keyboards, RX11 Drums, Bass, Roland S-50 / D-20

Klaus Nagel (Konzertgitarre), Walter Helbig (Drums/Simmons »Grönland«), Michael Lorenz (el. Gitarre »Flugansichten«), Lenny MacDowell (Flöte »Cloudfields«), Aurelio Calabro (Bass »Sky Sight«), Mannheimer Symphoniker Streichergruppe (Strings »Sky Sight«, »Cloudfields«), Sheryl Hackett (voc »Timebends«), Susanne Baumann (Violine »Olli’s Theme«)

»Flying Frames«, Seiler’s debut record for IC, was published in 1986. Peter Seiler says to have been inspired by his worldwide travels – so this recording sketches landscapes, flights and city life. The atmosphere stretches from the wide serenity of the Serengeti to hectic city life in Tokyo.


  1. Silicon Valley
  2. Serengeti
  3. Sky Sight
  4. Flugansichten
  5. Tuya Hikes
  6. Grönland
  7. Cloudfields
  8. Bolero Triste
  9. Far East Affairs
  10. Tokyo IC Salad
  11. Timebends
  12. Bonus-Track: Olli’s Theme

IC 710.057 – Running time: 47’11”