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Peter Seiler:
all keyboards

Hanno Haag (violine »Valse D’Or«, »Volcano Moods«), Peter Oehler (electric guitar »Volcano Moods«, »Frequent Traveller«), Angelika Ruhland (oboe »Star Waltz«, »Ein Tscheche in N.Y.«), Frankie Schäfer (Bass »Dear Savannah«), Uli Müller (electric guitar »Dear Savannah«), Steven Seiler (drum programming/keys), Jochen Brauer (flute »Waltzing Flames«), Sheryl Hackett (voc »Frequent Traveller«), Deng Xiao Mei (erhu »Whispering Leaves«)

The sequel to KlangOase – the SoundOasis needed more music, so PETER SEILER sat down at his piano to write new tunes based on the same concept.

A designated area of Mannheim Luisenpark has been redesigned as a relaxation zone. Every day between May and October this oasis is being visited by businesspeople looking for a quiet hour away from the noise of the working day. Well concealed in trees and bushes this music, soothing and revitalizing, seeps through the leaves, mingling with the sounds of trees, birds and water, giving the SoundOasis its name.


  1. Dear Savannah
  2. Whispering Leaves
  3. Volcano Moods
  4. Waltzing Flames
  5. Ein Tscheche in N.Y.
  6. Valse D’Or
  7. Star Waltz
  8. Frequent Traveller
  9. Spanish Air
  10. Elegy Of Foliage
  11. Summer Sunday Morning
  12. Frequent Traveller (TV-Version)

PSM 120101-2 – Running time: 52’11”