For all those who know and love the SoundOasis series but have little knowledge of PETER SEILERs vast solo work: some of the moodiest pieces in his catalogue combined to a theme compilation. These melodies are being played in the SoundOasis area at Mannheim Luisenpark throughout the summer season. A special Best-Of sampler!


  1. Waiting For Fall
  2. Mountain Peaks
  3. Reef Moods 
  4. Silent Leaves
  5. Lost In … 
  6. Cloudfields
  7. Serengeti 
  8. Her Song
  9. Winds Of Peace
  10. Angelic Touch 
  11. Mountain Dew
  12. Childrens’ Eyes
  13. Breath Of Wind
  14. Underwater Freedom

PSM 120113-2 – Running time: 67’22”