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featuring Michael Lorenz:
electric and acoustic guitars

Benny Brown (narrator), Jochen Brauer (saxophone), Dr. Wolfgang Wacker (Uranus ‘plasma sounds’)

Future history…

What if … a spaceship had been sent to Mars on January 26, 1998 when the window occurred? Inspired by this idea Peter Seiler and Michael Lorenz produced this CD together – the fictional voyage of the starship PROPHECY to Mars and back on the sound waves of Seiler’s synthies and Lorenz’ guitars.


  1. The Passage
  2. The Mission
  3. One Way Destiny
  4. Five Million Miles From Home
  5. Star Chip
  6. Bright Star
  7. Six Minutes To Eternity
  8. Swingby
  9. Six Million Miles From Home
  10. Agoraphobia

IC 710.093 – Running time: 49’48”