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Peter Seiler [Keyboards | Piano & Arrangements] Guests:
Jochen “Awesome“ Brauer [Sax]; Rolf Dieter Schnapka [Bass]; Luis Cardoso, Ricardo Bettiol; Felix Schueler [Guitars]; Steven Seiler [Keys & Programming]; Roddie Dang à Mira [Beat | Voice]; Rolf “Didge“ Hofmann [Didgeridoo]; Daniel Fleischmann [Drums]; Lisa (Lynn) Franco [Harp]; Lale Diler [Voice]; Ali Ungan [Saz]; Erik Fodi [SoundDesign & Mix]; Irene Claussen-Gomez & Sheryl Hackett [Vocals]


  1. Bokeelia Sunset 
  2. Sunday@Shimmys 
  3. Ocean Blvd. 
  4. Campo Brasil 
  5. Timebend 
  6. Ride Thru FNQ 
  7. Certain Moments 
  8. Punta Cana Breeze 
  9. Mavi Blue Bosporus 
  10. Follow Magellan 
  11. Ride to Matlacha 
  12. Another Gloomy Day 
Recorded@TRIPLE MUSIC Recording Studio
Mannheim | Jungbusch • Germany
Engineered & mixed by
Merih Guerlek | Steven Seiler
Ricardo Bettiol & P. Seiler
© + (P) 2015, PSM | TRIPLE MUSIC  LC 03109
ISRC:  DEH611512801-12

The album describes numerous impressions from trips to, and countries on, our Planet Earth. Reflections on places, on people, moods, situations, cities, bike rides, cruises and  glorious sunsets.
Let´s keep it beautiful and natural. [PS]

Ride to Matlacha and Bokeelia Sunset, Pine Island Southwest Florida – sunsets, fun, headwind & snowbirds.
Sunday@Shimmy’s, Walker Bay South Africa – Yes, It´s me..
Ride thru FNQ, on the way to Cape York – rain forest, thunder, tropical rain, Cape Tribulation, destination Port Douglas –
salties, roadtrains, roos, and billabongs.
Follow Magellan, South America, Magellan Strait –
waves and storm, Drake Passage on the way to Antartica.
Mavi Blue Bosporus – two worlds. Orient meets Occident.
Campo Brasil and Punta Cana Breeze
an easy Latin American and Caribbean feel.
Timebend – lost time at airports, Sheryl´s voice from heaven,
precious time slipping away forever …
Certain Moments – memories of journeys, miles,
and experiences, that begin to fade at the River Rhine on
Another Gloomy Day.