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Tobias Wollermann (clarinet) / Xavier Llerena (ac. guitar) / Daniel Fleischmann (drums) / Hanno Haag (violin) / Angelika Ruhland (oboe) / Merih Gürlek (guitar) / Lisa Franco (harp) / Johann Strauss Orchestra

Following our Light Lounge Jazz Album and the very successful Soul-Riesling CD the new Grand Cru bears the motto GRAND BANQUET MUSIC — Classical Music For A Fine Meal.

Following the trademark “audio drama” – this time underscored by an arrangement of Mussorgsky’s Promenade [taken from his Pictures At An Exhibition] — we have collected works by Johann Strauss, J. S. Bach, Guiseppe Verdi and J. Offenbach. Almost all titles have been recorded and arranged by PETER SEILER and guest musicians. The concluding piece is a novelty: a composition for 12 wine glasses, guttis venustis servio. Pleasurable quiet music and swinging waltzes…


  1. Bilder fürs Ohr (M. Mussorgsky /Arr. P.Seiler) 2:14
  2. Gigoletto (Giuseppe Verdi /Arr. P.Seiler) 2:10
  3. Madlen´s Dance (J. Offenbach /Arr. P.Seiler) 4:55
  4. Silent Leaves (Peter Seiler) 4:22
  5. Va pensiero (Giuseppe Verdi /Arr. P.Seiler) 2:44
  6. Waiting for Fall (Peter Seiler) 4:07
  7. Wein, Weib u. Gesang (Johann Strauss) 5:09
  8. Spanish Air (Trad./Arr. P.Seiler) 4:44
  9. Gymnopedie (Eric Satie /Arr. P. Seiler) 3:15
  10. Vals Op. 8 Nr. 3 (Augustin Barrios Mangore) 4:01
  11. Rosen aus dem Süden (Johann Strauss) 7:32
  12. Valse d´Or (Peter Seiler) 5:21
  13. Bourrée (J. S. Bach /Arr. P. Seiler) 3:20
  14. Ein Tscheche in N.Y. (A.Dvorak /Arr. P. Seiler) 5:04
  15. Jennys Tune (Peter Seiler) 3:44
  16. Waiting for Fall (Peter Seiler) 2:10
  17. Guttis venustis servio (Peter Seiler) 0:49

PSM 120123 – Running time: 66’03”