»Don’t file me under any one genre«

In a world literally full of melody, Peter Seiler is a truly original musical voice. A supremely talented composer, producer, arranger and artist, Peter creates music that transcends genres and labels, that is as timeless as it is exciting.
To date, Peter Seiler’s music has been released on 14 solo albums. Countless compilations have featured Peter Seiler tracks, and his concerts have received outstanding reviews. A top “New Instrumental Music” seller, Peter’s albums are perfect blends of classical composition and contemporary pop music.
Seiler has been involved with music ever since his first piano lesson at the age of six. An early convert to electronic keyboards, he bought one of the first Moog synthesizers available in Germany, and produced an avant-garde LP titled “Keyboards & Friends“. The artist formed the progressive classic-rock band TRITONUS a year later, recording two albums.
After TRITONUS disbanded in 1979, Peter continued to work on, progress and produce his own music. He also became – and continues to be – a much sought after composer for the advertising industry and broadcast networks, writing and performing many hundreds of successful jingles and program scores. The main theme of a network series “Atlantis May Not Perish”, “Olli’s Theme”
was included as a bonus track on his first international solo album “Flying Frames“.
Peter Seiler has always been careful to balance the advantages of having his own studio in Mannheim, with the unbeatable atmosphere and audience response of live stage performances.
Working in the studio can be a lonely task, and you only get feedback through album sales. I need a live audience to feel whether the music is true.
Touring and travelling provide the inspiration for Peter’s creative work. Visual impressions are transformed into contemporary symphonic poems in the tradition of Smetana and Sibelius. Feelings and moods become soundscapes that offer music for the eyes of your mind. The hugely successful CD Open Borders  was voted best instrumental album of the year by the listeners of Schwingungen (WDR German Nat’l Radio). » The Longing For… «, Track 2 of that album, took the honours of best instrumental track of the year. Timeless beautiful compositions like “Waiting for Fall”
, “Hymn for Voices”
 and “Silent Leaves”
 show Seiler’s ability to create melodies, sound-beds and layers that feel spontaneous, free flowing and unrestrained However, Peter writes very much in the classical tradition with pencil, paper and piano, using the resulting score to arrange and embellish a tune with keyboards and original instruments.
Peter Seiler’s credits as producer include four albums  – he also wrote a number of the tracks – for L.A. based harp player Lisa Franco [Lisa Lynn], as well as Herbert Siebert’s Johann- Strauss Orchestra for their Wien bleibt Wien – Vienna Forever album [PSM 120100-2].
Latest CD “Ride To Matlacha“ (Lounge & More) PSM 120 128 released in 2015 … music around the world…
The album describes numerous impressions from trips to, and countries on, our Planet Earth. Reflections on places, on people, moods, situations, cities, bike rides, cruises and glorious sunsets. Let´s keep it beautiful and natural. (PS)
Jubilee 2016: “The SoundOasis/KLangOase“ at Luisenpark Mannheim celebrated 20 years of existance.
On a 2CD (double CD)  “Best of KlangOase / Best of SoundOasis“ you´ll find 26 titles which had been used and played in the permanent installation situated in the scenic Luisenpark in Mannheim Germany. SoundOaisis